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Help bring Google to KC!

March 19, 2010

In it’s never-ending efforts to make Kansas City a true destination location, city officials have been busy lately making a push to to make KC a Google community

What exactly does this mean?   The search engine giant has said it will underwrite the ultra-high speed Internet wiring of a handful of cities of varying sizes across the country.  They plan to install fiber optic networks to pilot communities to demonstrate what the company sees as the promise of Internet connections 100 times faster than what most people use today. The company has said several thousand people have nominated their communities for the prize.  Among the cities already angling for Google’s fiber network are Cincinnati, Portland, Ore., Grand Rapids, Mich., Rochester, N.Y., and Baton Rouge, La. Google plans to announce the winners by year’s end, although it’s unclear when any construction would begin.  

Landing the Google experiment would mean at least tens of millions of free investment in Kansas City’s information technology infrastructure — and an express lane on the Internet for residents and businesses.  Hospitals, universities, tech industries and more would benefit from the fiber optic network and it would bring additional businesses and new jobs to the area.

How can you help?  Easy!  Visit GoogleKC to sign the petition and become a Facebook fan today!

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