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Thinking About New Home Construction? Let Pickett Property Group Help!

August 26, 2010

Having sold new construction homes as well as existing homes for years now, I was surprised to learn that a couple of my clients, had they not talked to me, would have bought a new construction home without a Real Estate Agent.  Thinking that working without an agent would have saved them money, it actually could have cost them more.  Before you make such a large purchase, consider the benefit of having an experienced agent working on your behalf at no cost to you.  Here’s a quick run-down of how we at Pickett Property Group can help:

From Western Shawnee to Olathe, Overland Park and more, the Kansas City area offers a great selection of home builders…Rodrock, Pulte, James III, True Builders, Duckworth, and J.S. Robinson to name a few. It’s easy to wander into a new home model center to look…but before you know it, you’ve fallen in love with a floorplan. We offer information on the builder, neighborhood values, factors impacting prices, and more. We can also help negotiate the best deal for your money, review contract terms and facilitate the smoothest possible closing. 

We Work for You!

There are several reputable builders in the Kansas City area, however the builder’s primary mission is to sell homes.  So they hire sales agents to respresent them, the builder. If you work directly with the builder’s salesperson, then who is looking out for your interests throughout the selection, negotiation, financing, inspection and closing processes? We will help you throughout the transaction at NO COST to you.

No Cost to you!

That’s right!  Kansas City area builders pay all Real Estate commissions. You will not pay more if you work with an agent, and with the right agent (eh-hum!…ME!) you may actually pay less because of negotiation skills and relationships.

The Right Home

 A Real Estate Agent is also a FREE resource who can suggest communities that you may not have considered before and can help make sure you are able to recoup your costs from floorplans and upgrades when it comes time to re-sell.

The Best Price

Going directly to a builder does not mean you will get the best home, the best deal, or the best advice. We will negotiate additional incentives that otherwise may not have been offered or show you a home in a better neighborhood for less money. Either way, we’ll make sure you are getting the best deal, help you through the paperwork (contracts, lender arrangements, upgrades, etc), and make sure you get through closing with no surprises.

Avoid Pressure to use a Builder’s Lender

Many builders will offer incentives and closing costs assistance if you agree to use their lender, title company and/or other related service providers, especially now with the economy and the industry the way it is. This may or may not be a good deal for you. For example, the value of a 3% builder contribution toward closing costs can be offset by hidden fees or interest higher rates. We will offer several different service providers to help find the best fit for you. 

Closing Process

We will also help facilitate the inspection, financing, title, home insurance, and closing process to ensure a smooth transaction.

So the next time you venture into a builder’s model center, tell the builder’s sales agent that you are working with Pickett Property Group at Keller Williams.  For more info on purchasing a your next home in the Kansas City metro area, call, text, or email Pickett Property Group today!

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