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Snow and ice can be dangerous to your home!

February 1, 2011

As I sit here witnessing a blizzard outside my window, it’s only appropriate that I bring up how this type of weather can wreak havoc on your home as well. Let’s be honest, streets and sidewalks aren’t the only areas that become dangerous when there’s snow and ice.

According to many roofing experts, snow, ice, and strong winds could cause roofs to fail and collapse….think Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN this past December. But this could happen to residential homes as well.

Approximately 16 inches of snow equals about 20 extra pounds of weight per square foot. But if there’s a layer of ice underneath, there’s even more weight.

Growing up with winters in Minnesota as a child, I remember my dad climbing on top of the roof to shovel off snow and chip away at any ice in the gutters. HOWEVER, I do NOT recommend any homeowners try getting rid of it themselves. You’ll just be adding even more weight to an already weighty issue and if the snow starts to slide, so will you! Call a professional if you hear any cracking or see any leaking in your home. They will have the right ladders, tools, and know-how. If you must do it yourself, invest in a roof rake. When used correctly, it’s safe for your house and won’t scratch your asphalt.

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