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Selling your home…beating the odds in a buyer’s market: Curb Appeal

June 9, 2011

If you’re thinking of listing your home, bookmark our blog and don’t miss this series.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to some statistics and tips to help you view your house not as your home, but as the future home of the buyer you need to attract.  Our first topic was Pricing to Sell Your Home…this week, it’s all about Curb Appeal.  So here’s the skinny!


KW Research shows that approximately 47% of sellers enhance their curb appeal.  Most spend between $150-1000 to make those first few seconds count for buyers who may be driving by or checking out photos  online.  What do they do?


  • 73% trim trees and bushes
  • 54% mulch
  • 51% bring in new plants
  • 44% wash windows
  • 40% power wash
  • 23% add a fresh coat of exterior paint
  • 11% add new door hardware
For those sellers that DID enhance their curb appeal…
  • Had excellent results compared to only 68% of home without enhancements
  • Received their first offer days faster
  • Sold days faster…
  • …for 1.23 percentage points higher in the list-to-sell percent
In other words, first impressions really DO count!  🙂


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